Leslie Miller

One of GFP’s beloved leaders, Leslie Ann Miller—just call her “Lam”—was one of Girl Friday’s founders and remains active in business strategy, visioning, and as the company instigator. As co–CEO and COO, she oversees operations and systems management, marketing, and has a special interest in the development of people, both in Girl Friday’s internal team and of authors. Though her editorial projects are limited to a special few, she is thrilled to stay engaged in the art through teaching in University of Washington’s Editorial Certificate Program. When not managing HQ or Monday morning quarterbacking, she might be found playing badminton with her boys or devouring the Sunday New York Times, hounds at her feet.

Frequently Asked

Favorite literary character:

Atticus Finch. He reminds me of my late father.

The Literary character you most relate to from childhood:

Any number of impish tomboys who keep secrets and get lost in their imaginations—like every girl Zilpha Keatley Snyder ever created.

Favorite Cocktail:

A perfect martini. I shouldn’t have to mention that requires both gin and vermouth.

Favorite type of books to work on:

Fiction makes me better, and nonfiction makes me smarter. Ghostwriting is like taking a master class. More than the words themselves, the thrill comes from the relationships. My authors have taught me whole worlds—through their research, ideas, and characters.

The book you wish you’d written:

Who says it’s not to come?



Fine Print

Before founding Girl Friday, Lam worked as the executive editor of Seal Press acquiring and developing projects and authors. She has written several books, including Women Who Eat, Ethan Stowell’s New Italian Kitchen, and Uncle Dave’s Cow, and collaborated on many others, among them In the Kitchen with the Pike Place Fish Guys, Mindful Parenting, Gender Intelligence, and Flex. She holds a graduate degree in English literature and an executive MBA. She stopped short of earning her PhD in English because they never got to read primary texts, only meta-meta-criticism, which diminished her joy. She’s pleased her path has led her to a place where books matter.

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