Do You Love What You Do? WE DO.

It was August of 2006 that we first opened GFP’s doors, and there’s nothing like an anniversary to make you reflect on the reasons you’re with someone. In keeping, we spent some time reflecting on our relationships—with you all and with each other—and we’d still rather do what we do than anything else.

Sara: I think the thing that I love the most is how smart and funny my coworkers are. I used to imagine myself as the funny one, but I’ve got nothing on some of these folks.

Bethany: I love the flexibility, community, and overall trust that exists within the entire company.

Paul: I love books probably more than any nonliving thing in the world. Graphic design is increasingly dominated by UX/UI, wireframes, web banners, marketing detritus, blah blah, and I love that I can ignore all of that and work on things that actually get printed and used and enjoyed in the real, physical world.

Jaye: I love e-mail chains that turn into a discussion of what everyone is currently reading (so many good new titles to add to my list!) and when I get to work on books I’d happily buy and read.

Kristin: I love showing a publisher what Girl Friday can do for them, from coming up with trend-setting ideas to executing them flawlessly. GFP blends creativity and task-mindedness in a way that’s extremely rare.

Dave: I love helping create books that readers enjoy, as well as helping writers produce the best, most-polished work possible. I also do a lot of problem-solving, and problem-solving is fun and engrossing.

Anna: I love the variety. We work on all kinds of projects, from cozy mysteries to business training curriculums to self-help memoirs to white papers to German romance to author blogs to. . . . Keeps the gray matter in good shape!

Kim: I love working in a drama-free workplace. Everyone gets along, gets the job done, and loves what they do.

Michael: I love the intimateness, precision, and privacy of copyediting a book. You get to zero in on each line’s language, punctuation, and style, and make little changes that make a huge difference.

LAM: I love how I don’t have to be a different person at work than I am at home or out in the world. I love how much I learn every day from the smarties at Girl Friday and from some kick-ass clients. I love that I’ve had the same “work wife” for more than fifteen years and we still like each other.