Author 101: Goodreads


Welcome back to Author 101, the author class for classy authors. Today, we’re talking about Goodreads, or as I like to think of it In our quest to help authors find crafty ways to promote themselves, we thought Goodreads seemed like obvious territory since it’s a social media site that’s exclusively geared toward authors and readers. However there are SO many fun features on Goodreads for book nerds that we may or may not have found ourselves curled up in ball with our bendy straw in a wine bottle after a serious GR bender where we found and rated every book we’ve read since sixth grade. We just totally forgot how moved we were the first time we read The Giver okay? So before you do that, here are some super useful ways to participate in Goodreads as an author: • Claim your author page: You can submit a photo, biography, info about upcoming events, a list of your influencers, links to your blog and twitter, reviews of books by other authors etc. Simply sign up for Goodreads, search for your author name, click the ‘Is this you?’ tab and submit a request for an author page. You needed to do something with the outtakes from those Glamour Shots you took at the mall anyway.

• Add your book: Many books will be added automatically to Goodreads. Search for your title on Goodreads and if it doesn’t show up, click the link that says ‘Still can’t find the book? Add a new record.’ Add the details of the book here including the book cover and where it can be purchased. That way people on ratings benders can find you and give you all the stars!

• Listopia: One of the most popular features of Goodreads is Listopia where readers submit and vote on their own ‘best of’ lists. Searching and adding your book to relevant lists is a great way to bring your book to the attention of readers who might not otherwise find it. The more specific the list, the easier it will be to break into it. For instance, the ‘Memoirs’ list will be harder to get onto than the ‘Memoirs of Squirrel Taxidermists’ (Uncle Randy FTW!).

• Giveaways: Goodreads features giveaways where the prize is a copy of your book. You describe the book, decide how many copies to give away and how long the contest will run, and Goodreads administers the contest for you and sends you the names of the winner(s) when the contest ends. The winner can give you all the stars and tell the members of their after-work kickball league to buy the book. The non-winners will hopefully decide that after the emotional rollercoaster of the contest, they simply must have the book and will go ahead and buy it.

Questions? Suggestions? Tragic or triumphant tales of your own Goodreads benders? Leave ‘em in the comments or email us at moreinfo@girlfridayproductions.