July 4

If you’re an American born today, you have no doubt resigned yourself to an endless string of birthday celebrations incorporating barbecued meat, fireworks, and nationalistic apparel. Aside from similar party themes, you also share an affinity for groups and causes. Committed and engaged, you enjoy the company of like-minded individuals and have an abiding interest in your origins. Dare we say you’re a tad patriotic? Staying open-minded can be a challenge, though. American hero, peace activist, and paraplegic RON KOVIC wrote about his harrowing experiences in Vietnam. Twin sisters and advice-column rivals ANN LANDERS and ABAGAIL VAN BUREN doled out their pearls of wisdom to the befuddled masses for nearly fifty years, landing in hot water only occasionally for some narrow-minded opinions. Apparently, it isn’t only Americans born on this day who thrive in groups. GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI almost single-handedly united the disparate Italian states into the unified country we know and love today.